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The best cryptocurrency exchange in Europe 2020 – TOP 5 trading platforms for EU

Which cryptocurrency exchange in Europe is the best? How to start? Which exchange to choose? Is it better to buy bitcoin on the European market, or is it more profitable to make transactions on an American or Asian platform? Better use euros or dollars? We also often wonder which cryptocurrency exchange is the most popular, which is the largest, and the safest. We did the reasearch for you! We tested in-depth 25 cryptocurrency exchanges available for Europeans. Evaluated security level, exchange liquidity, crypto and fiat offer, transaction fee, deposit and withdrawal fee, cryptocurrency transfer time, transaction types, available tools, registration (verification), customer service and much more. Choose the best trading platform and become successful crypto trader!

The best bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges for Europeans:

Exchange DescriptionEstablishedFIATCryptoReview Sign up
CoinDeal Review – Trade in 7 fiat currencies


The exchange has already gained spectacular popularity in the global market. The company offers the secure platform, large selection of cryptocurrencies, easy buying, quick and responsive support team. CoinDeal is the official global partner of Wolverhampton Wanderers (first cryptocurrency exchange in the English Premier League!).

2 Bitstamp Bitcoin Exchange – Review 2020


The first licensed cryptocurrency exchange of Europe. Safe, simple and secure to use. More than 3 million traders throughout the world. It allows individual and institutional clients to buy and sell the most popular cryptocurriences.

3 Beginner’s Guide to EXMO: Complete Review


Founded in 2013 and based in London, Moscow, Kiev and Istanbul, EXMO is one of the largest exchanges in volume and liquidity in Europe. There are 1.5 mln users, thousands of thousands active traders, 315 000 daily visitors, 87 trading pairs, 6 fiat currencies on the platform.

BTC, BCH, ETH, EXM, LTC... (160 trading pairs)
4 Coinfloor Review


UK's longest established bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange and most liquid GBP platform. They can execute large trades of £100k+ through their over-the-counter (OTC) Market. Are you considering private bitcoin purchases or sales? If yes, please contact Coinfloor immediately!

5 CoinsBank Review


Cryptocurrency exchange, wallet, merchant, bitcoin & litecoin corporate accounts, exchange rates, mobile app. Each year the company organizes the famous Blockchain Cruise for Bitcoin fans.


The following exchanges are currently the most trusted among traders in Europe: Binfinity, BitBay, Bitladon, Bitstamp, BTCbear, CEX.IO, CoinCorner, CoinDeal, CoinFLEX, Coinfloor, CoinJar, CoinMate, Coinsbank, Crex24,, Exmo, Jubiter, Kriptomat, Livecoin, Luno, Mercatox, Simex, StormGain, Ternion, YObit, whiteBIT.

For the beginner investors, we have prepared a ranking of crypto exchanges and comprehensive „step by step” guides to each of them. Before buying cryptocurrencies, we recommend following the entire process and learning about the advantages and disadvantages of the platform. Fortunately, the purchase of bitcoin is straightforward, and the joy of having it is particularly high.

Trading on the European cryptocurrency exchange has many advantages, ranging from the liquidity of transactions in euros to the support, which is usually more available and offers better assistance. Malta is the European capital of cryptocurrencies. On this unique island, due to the friendly legal environment, the best cryptocurrency exchanges in our ranking have located their headquarters. Malta attempts to attract other exchanges from China, Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong on further economic growth and new jobs. In Europe, only Switzerland can compete with Malta, which saw great potential in blockchain technology and created favorable conditions for the development of crypto and fintech enterprises in the so-called Crypto Valley in Zug. In Belarus, however, companies issuing cryptocurrencies are exempt from taxes for the first five years of operation, but start-ups do not migrate there in large numbers for fear of an unstable legal system, bureaucracy, and corruption. Several platforms have their headquarters in the UK. However, these companies have not yet managed to beat strong competitors from Asia and the US and do not often appear at the top of the crypto exchanges with the highest trade volume in the world.

Which crypto exchange from the ranking to choose? What is the best exchange to buy cryptocurrency?

We have prepared a list in such a way, so you can quickly and easily make your first transaction. The exchange with a simple, transparent interface and a limited number of cryptocurrencies will be ideal for a start. It is not worth starting from a place dedicated to professional traders, where it places a trade with leverage along with advanced orders. It’s easy to get lost. The time will come for it. In the beginning, you need to get used to and understand the underlying mechanisms of the platform’s functioning.

Our ranking allows you to go directly to the cryptocurrency exchange, create an account, transfer funds, and buy a digital currency you are interested in. You can also follow our “step-by-step” tutorials in which we describe with great care how to create an account and buy the first bitcoin on this particular platform. We hope that the materials will be useful in making the decision which exchange to choose and a large number of images will facilitate navigation and will help to adjust the platform to your individual needs.

The best idea is to start on a platform typical for beginners, then make subsequent transactions on a classic exchange good for everyone. It is advisable to first gain experience in cryptocurrency trading and only after a few months or maybe even a few years try your hand at an advanced exchange offering leveraged trading.

The best cryptocurrency exchange for Beginners (best for the first purchase)

Lots of people in the whole wide world are interested in cryptocurrency, but not all of them know how to take their first steps in this field. More and more cryptocurrency exchanges appear on the market. The first visit to a cryptocurrency exchange can be mind-boggling – which one to buy, which order to choose, how to set a price, where to find the account balance.

For the first ever purchase of BTC it is best to choose a platform with a good reputation, safe, limited amount of cryptocurrency and a very user friendly interface. Such a purchase will then be associated with pleasure and not with stress. In some cases the commission on the purchase may be a little higher than on these advanced exchanges, but we can treat this as an investment in our education. Although it does not always have to be like this. The whole thing may take the opposite direction – you can even make money by learning about cryptocurrency – this is what Coinbase is all about! Here are our top 3 crypto exchanges for Beginners:

The best cryptocurrency exchange for everyone (the preferred choice)

The exchange you choose for your first bitcoin purchase rarely becomes your favourite platform. Once you get used to the topic, you start looking for the cheaper place, a platform which offers the greatest liquidity and/or the greatest number of traders and so on. Your requirements are growing. The exchanges know this and try to alleviate the “pain” of the first purchase by offering a clear interface for beginners and advanced charts and analysis tools for advanced traders to keep as many users as possible.

One of the market leaders of cryptocurrency exchange took a different path and prepared two separate platforms: Coinbase for complete novices and Coinbase Pro for intermediate users designed for regular, daily trading.

When buying and selling cryptocurrency regularly, each user has his unique needs. It takes a few trials and experience to choose the most suitable platform for your needs. The following list shows the exchanges that have been tested and recommended by many traders for daily trading:

The best cryptocurrency exchange for advanced traders (best for margin trading)

If you get to love bitcoin and other cruptocurrencies, sooner or later you will be interested in the possibilities of increasing your profit and multiplying your capital even faster. The best, most technically advanced cryptocurrency exchanges are already approaching the quality and scope of services offered by trading platforms known to Forex traders, namely the leveraged trading options and strategies that involve betting on price drops and subsequent rebounds. Margin trading allows you to trade with funds much larger than those deposited in your account.

Imagine that you have 1 BTC in your account on the exchange.

Lever x100 allows you to trade as if you had 100 BTC. A price increase of only 1% is 1 BTC profit!

Such a leverage can be a source of huge profits as well as severe losses that can leave your account dry in a blink of an eye. The temptation of big money is great, but remember that margin trading is a dangerous tool for experienced traders.

The list of cryptocurrency exchanges offering leveraged trading strategy is still very limited. There are only a few platforms currently offering such an option, other have announced that they are planning and working on introducing this option in their offer. Below is a list of the best exchanges where margin trading is possible:

Is it better to buy a cryptocurrency on the European, American, or Asian exchange?

An undeniable advantage of the European cryptocurrency exchange is the possibility to buy cryptocurrencies using the euro. You do not have to pay the expenses of currency conversion. It’s simpler. It is also usually faster. Often, American or Asian exchanges need a few days to process an international bank transfer. However, it is worth choosing a big exchange – global cryptocurrency exchanges exceed small, local platforms primarily with liquidity (a more significant number of traders gives a better chance of buying or selling a currency at the rate we’re interested in) and lower prices – cheaper currencies, lower commissions charged by exchanges. The very good idea is to set up accounts on several exchanges and test their functionality. Only based on our experience, we can acquire the necessary knowledge to efficiently navigate the world of cryptocurrencies and take advantage of occasional bargains.

Is the largest cryptocurrency exchange, the best cryptocurrency exchange?

Not necessarily. The Asian cryptocurrency exchanges dominate the market, taking into account the volume of trade. Korean and Japanese leaders have the largest number of users and the most dynamic trade, and transactions in these markets often cause global changes in cryptocurrency prices. On some Asian exchanges, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be purchased only for local currency – you will need Japanese Yen (JPY) to buy in Japan and Korean Won (KRW) in South Korea. This is a severe limitation for the European, especially when it comes to dealing with a website that is only available in the local language.

Altcoin exchanges (crypto-to-crypto exchanges)

A significant part of people along with the acquisition of skills will be interested in the later stages of exchanges that only operate cryptocurrencies, in other words, those on which you exchange a given cryptocurrency for another without the possibility of buying and selling them for traditional currency. If you are going to develop in trading, sooner or later you will come across Binance. Admittedly, it is one of the best and largest cryptocurrencies in the world. This is where you will find the most extensive range of cryptocurrencies, here you also have a better chance of earning on exchange differences. This type of platform is called the Altcoin, or the crypto-to-crypto exchange. Usually, if you carry transactions to exchange cryptocurrency for another, no verification is needed – it allows to speed up transactions significantly and remain anonymous. The most common way that novice traders go through is to buy bitcoin on one of the European cryptocurrency exchange and then transfer it to the Altcoin exchange.

Is the cryptocurrency exchange the only place where I can buy bitcoin?

Cryptocurrency exchanges are not the only places where we can buy coins – bitcoin can also be purchased directly from another user, from a specialized broker, in a bitcoin ATM or at a so-called “instant purchase” crypto money exchange platforms.

Can I buy less than one bitcoin?

You don’t have to buy a whole bitcoin. The price of bitcoin (and many other cryptocurrencies) is given to eight decimal points, and you can purchase any part of it. Well, almost any, because each exchange determines its transactional minimum. This means you can buy a half of bitcoin, 0.1 bitcoins, 0.01 bitcoins, or even 0.00000001 bitcoins, if it suits your budget.

Safe bitcoin purchase (4 simple steps)

Cryptocurrency exchanges are aware of the risks resulting from the nature of their business, which is why each of them has its security system based on various tools. There will be trustworthy entities that store a significant part of their cryptocurrencies in the so-called “Cold Storage.” The greater the percentage of funds stored offline, without an internet connection, the better. Some security issues, however, depend only on you, be sure to follow some basic rules below:

1. Make sure to enter the correct website

Use our table (select the appropriate name and go directly to the exchange site) or using the search engine make sure you enter the original page (there were situations in which hackers substituted, in paid search results, a link to a fake page – the name of the cryptocurrency exchange differed only one letter and the interface of the website was identical, as a result of which the user completely unknowingly gave its data to the hacker. It is not difficult to make a mistake, because the names of exchanges in the initial period are entirely unfamiliar and the extensions of domains are often not very intuitive, e.g., .io or .net)

2. Create a secure password

The password must be unique, different from the one you use for e-mail or social networks. Use min. of 8 characters, small, capital letters, numbers, and special characters. In some cases, you will meet the requirement that the password must have a minimum of 12 characters. Save the password on paper, do not save it in any electronic form.
Do not let the browser remember your username and password – at the first registration the browser will ask you whether to keep the password – never give consent, each time you log in, write it yourself.

3. Use 2FA

Remember to protect your account after creation. On the platform or in our guide for a given exchange, look for information about the security of Two-factor authentication, known as 2FA. Most often you will find guidelines that can be downloaded at the Google Authenticator application from the Play Store or Appstore (although it may also be different) and then in the panel in the settings, you can choose what you want to use this tool for. Authentication should be used to log into your account, accept each purchase or sale transaction, withdraw funds. The principle of use is very simple – the application generates special codes, which you additionally enter when performing specific activities.

4. Get yourself a wallet

Every few months, news websites are outdone in reports of another cryptocurrency exchange that has been hacked. Attacks do not spear the biggest, victims of thieves include, i.e., Binance, Bitfinex, Cryptopia, Bithumb. It seems that crypto is still far away from the full security in the industry, and although some exchanges can survive the crisis and even return cryptocurrencies to traders, it seems very reasonable to buy a hardware wallet and keep the currencies on it. Currently, the most popular wallets are Ledger, Trezor, KeepKey (before you decide find all the best cryptocurrency wallets you should use for storing bitcoins)

LocalBitcoins – social cryptocurrency exchange

According to many is the best cryptocurrency exchange in Europe. On the classic exchange, one can buy cryptocurrencies from another user, but you do not know from whom. LocalBitcoins has a social character, you find an interesting offer in “your area” and make a purchase directly from that selected person. You can make an appointment with a person in a café or other public place, or you can make an utterly void transaction without having a face-to-face meeting.

Local bitcoins

The best cryptocurrency exchange in the world

The growing number of platforms gives a broader spectrum of possibilities, but at the same time, makes choosing one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges difficult. Fortunately, you do not have to limit yourself to just one brand. Give it a test try. Go to the market and start trading to get to know deep secrets of trading in cryptocurrencies and the capabilities of a given crypto platform. Remember that the best cryptocurrency exchange in the world is the one that will meet your individual needs.

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